About DC Interior Design Management Group

About DC Interior Design Management Group 2017-04-05T01:13:15+00:00

DC Interior Design Management Group is the go-to agency for interior designers, manufacturers, and showrooms across the United States. Our dedicated team tirelessly pursues marketing opportunities, brand ambassadorships, licensing acquisitions, and various revenue streams for our clients. We believe that a client’s interior design work should represent just a slice of their total earnings; we strive to brand our clients and transform their companies into something more than just interior design firms or showrooms that are passed by.

Our team believes that values such as transparency, loyalty, and dedication are integral to success. We are a trained and skilled group; our perseverance and connections to the interior design industry can help companies revenue increase. Though we have an office located in Times Square, in the heart of Manhattan, our team travels across the globe in support of our clients. We believe that developing a friendship and a sense of trust between our clients will not only yield higher revenues, but will develop a relationship for years to come.


About Dwayne Clark

Dwayne Clark is one of the most sought-after agents in the interior design industry. Boasting a client base of some of the most prominent interior designers in the world, Dwayne has earned the trust of celebrities, showrooms, manufacturers, and designers alike. Dwayne’s connections stretch to major television networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, as well as HGTV, Travel Channel, and widely popular interior design publications such as Traditional Home.

In the past, Dwayne has managed sales teams for such venerable institutions as American Airlines, Disney, the Ritz Carlton, and the Four Seasons. Dwayne has also been a practicing interior designer for 24 years, representing one half of Clark-Gaynor Interiors, a high-end and exclusive New York City design firm. Dwayne’s history in sales and interior design equips him with a nuanced and unique understanding of the interior design industry, a characteristic that allows him to go above and beyond for his clients.

After a decade of experience designing and overseeing sales teams, Dwayne recognized a void in the interior design industry. Noticing a gap between designers and manufacturers, Dwayne took it upon himself to bridge that gap. That is why he started DC Interior Design Management Group – a management agency that helps designers and manufacturers communicate and work together in an entirely new way. Just as Hollywood agents secure opportunities for their A-list clients, Dwayne secures opportunities for his clients.